ClearSight Therapeutics Pitch Deck & One-Pager
Cancer Tech Deck + Website: ViroMissile
Swimwear / Apparel Pitch Deck: JMP The Label
Artificial Intelligence Pitch Deck: ODIN AI
Pitch Deck: Uncaged Innovations
DeFi Pitch Deck: Fortress
High Time Foods Pitch Deck
Aviation & Travel Pitch Deck: FlyBLACK
EarthRePAIR: Carbon Capture Pitch Deck
Lily Pitch Deck: Non-Profit & Charity App
Destination TV Pitch Deck
Sustainability Pitch Deck + Website: Pani Clean
Website: Global Icons
Medical Pitch Deck: Spiral Therapeutics
Logo & Branding: Qrystal
AI Pitch Deck: Oceanview
Crypto Fund Pitch Deck: Open Heart Capital
Liquor Pitch Deck: Forbidden Spirits
Website: Scythe Robotics
Whitepaper: Out-of-Pocket Health
Landing Page: SOJE Fund
Web 3.0 Pitch Deck: Swapp DeFi Protocol
Biotech / Pharma Pitch Deck: Isolere Bio
Smart Fitness Pitch Deck: Flexia Pilates
Website: Valyant AI
Wine & Lifestyle Pitch Deck: The Guilty Grape
Biotech Pitch Deck: EpiCypher
Transportation SaaS Pitch Deck: Busability
HR Tech Pitch Deck: ThinkHuman
Sports Betting Pitch Deck: Onside Sports
Beverage & Alcohol Pitch Deck: Sienna Spirits
Home & Lifestyle Pitch Deck: NEAT Method
Fintech Pitch Deck: Flagship
Wellness Pitch Deck: Sama Health
Recruiting App: UI / UX Design
GAPC Pitch Deck: Sustainable Food
Weavechain Pitch Deck: web3 + big data
MedTech Pitch Deck: Acoustiic
Beverage Pitch Deck: SOS Hydration
American Scientist: Graphics
Deck & UI: Statetrace
Pitch Deck: Downward Dog Wine
Pitch Deck: CourtGrid
Pitch Deck: Markour Real Estate Investment
Motimatic - Web, Email & Ads
Fashion Island / Irvine Company: Banner Ads
Website & Video: TDIR Foundation
Deck: SONHO Media
TicketSwipe™ - Event UI - Mobile App
Pitch Deck: Notoros DLT
VC: Branding, Prototype & Web
Web Design: Eco-Friendly Vape
Video & Motion Design: InpharmD™
stemSTIX: Brand
Explica: Branding, Web & Mobile
ShipChain: Website
Brand & Logo: Sterling Coffee Co.
Teri Jon: Email
PeerJ: Infographics
InpharmD: Web
PowerTech: Deck
JCPenney: Deck
Motimatic: Web, Ads, Print
Website: Trekket
FMB: Branding & Web
Deck: Arena Labs
Pitch Deck: iMotorsports
Logo & Identity: CHIRP
Pitch Deck + One-Pagers: Built Data
Pre Impact: Web & Brand
Pitch Deck: Telivity
Guard-Ex: Deck
Pitch Deck: Food & Dining Startup
EIG: Deck
FitJoy: Deck
Next Gen Summit: Deck
EoC Fund: Deck
IDRx: Logo & Deck
BreakBlue: Mobile
Advano: Deck
Startup Pitch Deck: EJNext
Bridge Alliance: Print & Deck
Personal Dashboard: Web
Next Gen Summit: Web
Nudge: Mobile
University EMS: Branding & Web
Wave of Health: Branding & Web
BMW - Landing Page Concept
ALBA Study Abroad: Web Design & Dev
Creatus: Branding & Web
Kettle & Fire: Web Design
Aerocore: Branding & Graphic Design
InternshipScout: Logo, Branding, & Website
Real Source: Packaging
King Flamingo: Packaging & Photography
Biobuilder: Branding & Print
ScienceVest - Graphics
Elsevier - Infographics
Nurx: Infographic
Lindau-Nobel Meetings: Graphics
ASCO: Graphics
What Wakes You Up: Book Cover
Dylect: Brand & Web Design
Miles Ahead: Logo & Branding
Food Smith: Logo, Branding, Website
Draw Science: Branding, Web, Graphics
KorkBoard: Startup (Mobile App) Design
Antumbra: Logo & Web Design
Admit Hero: Logo/Branding
Isla: Logo & Branding
Flock: Logo, Landing Page & Slide Deck
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