Created high-fidelity, clickable prototype. Some screens below.
Prototype → Code
Coded a working, live demo (front & back-end).
The centerpiece of this experience is the profile: complete with file mgmt., custom & automatic awards, social photos & videos, and game statistics. For a deeper look, click to Player Data.
Designed a system that can digest an incredible diverse set of data (any sport's unique statistics), & present it in a user-friendly, comprehensible format.
All charts & scores are computed from raw test & game data inputted by users through proprietary algorithms. Editing permissions are regulated by user login & type (eg. Student, Coach)
An additional feature is a from-scratch PHP messaging system, with a link so users can easily be contacted via phone or the native chat.
Set up the relational architecture for a unified interface for editing user profiles, team affiliations, and rosters. 
Most importantly, the system is fully mobile-responsive & accessible on any device.
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